BRM-V Diamond Powder For Vitrified Bond Tools

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Europe, America, Japan and South Korea
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Specialized Micron Diamond
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Jul 11, 2022
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Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

Characteristics: Good thermal stability and proper friability. Made by MBD grade diamond as raw materials, modification of the diamond particle surface by special chemical acid treatment can improve the retention between diamond and vitrified bond, better chip removal performance, good self-sharpness and relatively high wear resistance.
Applications: Customized for Vitrified bond diamond tools.
Available Size: 0-0.25 to 40-60

Vitrified bond wheels are extremely aggressive and free cutting. They provide excellent tool life, are cool cutting and are the most suitable for “lights out” high production grinding of automotive, aircraft and heavy engineering machinery such as bearings, gears, camshafts, crankshafts. When used with diamond powders, vitrified bond diamond wheels can be used for the grinding of PCD, ceramics, semiconductors, etc.

Boreas are professionally manufacturing synthetic diamond powder since 1990. We have professional engineers and synthetic diamond experts serving world-class customers all around the world.

Our production line is equipped with advanced modern instruments, such as topography analysis system, plasma ICP detector, Laser particle size analyzer, Malvern 2000, SEM, etc.

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Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

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