Ni Coating Chemical & Electroplated Diamond Powder

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Coated Diamond Powder

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

Coated metal can improve heat dissipation and reduce heat damage thus protect the diamond
(decrease diamond carbonization when sintering at ultrahigh temperature)
Roughen the diamond particle surface to enhance the mechanical retention between diamond and bonds
Avaliable Coated:
30%, 56%, 60% coated (by weight)

Nickel Coating Diamond Powder are generally divided into two different produce coating types: Electroplating and Chemical plating

Coating type Weight increase Available size
Cluster Nickel Coating 30%-60% 20/25-5-10μ
Spiky Nickel Coating 56%-60% 20/25-270/325
Double-layer Coating (Ti,Ni) 30%-60% 20/25-15-25μ


* Rough and spiny surface, improve the retention between diamond and bond;
* Avoid the diamond peeling off early, extend the service life of diamond tools;
* Increase bond retention, Minimize the instance of crystal pull-out;
* Prevent diamond surface from chemical etching and oxidation.

Application field:

* Chemical nickel coating mainly for resin bond products;
* Electro nickel coating mainly for resin bond products;
* Copper coating mainly for metal bond products;
* Ti coating mainly for metal and ceramic bond products.

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