Ti Coating Diamond Powder

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Coated Diamond Powder

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

Coated metal can improve heat dissipation and reduce heat damage thus protect the diamond
(decrease diamond carbonization when sintering at ultrahigh temperature)
Roughen the diamond particle surface to enhance the mechanical retention between diamond and bonds
Avaliable Size:
2% coated (by weight) available

Titanium-plated diamond is coated with a titanium carbide coating on the diamond surface;
During high-temperature sintering and high-temperature grinding, the coating plays a role in isolating the diamond, imitating diamond carbonization and oxidation, protecting the diamond performance, and reducing the loss of diamond from the substrate;
It can maintain a good grinding efficiency and service life.

Coating type Weight increase Available size
Standard Titanium 2% 20/25 - 325/400


* Increase the strength of diamond and provide longer tool life;
* Improves the retention force between diamond and bond;
* Prevents diamond surfaces from chemical etching and oxidation;
* Helps in heat dissipation , withstand the highest grinding force and temperature.

Application field:

* Chemical nickel coating mainly for resin bond products;
* Electro nickel coating mainly for resin bond products;
* Copper coating mainly for metal bond products;
* Ti coating mainly for metal and ceramic bond products.

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