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Coated Diamond Powder

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

Coated Diamond Product characteristics:

* Bonding strength between diamond/CBN and binding agent increased, also grits' holding strength.
* The coated layer can separate air, increase heat dissipation, reduce thermal damage to diamond/CBN.
* It can blanket particle defects and uplift their strength.

What is Coated Diamond?
Coated synthetic diamond is divided into electrolytic and chemical plating,it includes Ni coating,Ti coating, Cu coating.Coated synthetic diamond effectively increase holding force between diamond and bonding,reduce thermal shock,protect diamond against oxidation and graphite,lengthen product lifetime.

Why Choose Coated Diamond:
Excellent Thermal Conductivity;
Excellent Holding Force,Strong Corrosion resistance;
High strength,High Grinding Efficiency;
High Durable Degree,easy to trim,extends products lifetime.

Coating type Weight increase Available size
Standard Copper 50% 20/25 - 400/500


* Ideal for dry grinding applications;
* Helps in heat dissipation , withstand the highest grinding force and temperature;
* Increase the strength of abrasive, improve the tool longer life.

Application field:

* Chemical nickel coating mainly for resin bond products;
* Electro nickel coating mainly for resin bond products;
* Copper coating mainly for metal bond products;
* Ti coating mainly for metal and ceramic bond products.

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