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Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

Diamond film/paper is a new type of material that uses micron or nano diamond powder and new polymer materials. It has been coated with a layer of abrasive diamond to make it more durable and longer lasting. Diamond film/paper is also more resistant to scratches and wear, making it ideal for use in high-impact areas. The unique properties of diamond film/paper make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including automotive.
Application: widely used in the field of optical communication, optical glass, magnetic head, automobile, metallurgical analysis and etc.
Circular: Φ76mm, Φ110mm, Φ127mm(5 inch), Φ203mm(8 inch)
Square: 114mm×114mm, 152mm×152mm(6 inch), 228mm×228mm(9 inch)
Grit: 400#~20000#

Product Features:

Good adhesion and abrasive resistance, uniform abrasive coating excellent grinding and polishing result;

Good strength and toughness, long working life;

Water or oil can be used as grinding media to grind and polish, also can be dry grinding & polishing directly.

Diamond film is also highly resistant to scratching and marring

Diamond film has excellent optical properties, making it well-suited for use in optical devices and filters.


Grinding and polishing varieties of optical fiber connectors and optical fiber components in the industry of Optical Communication;

Precision polishing of optical glass, optical crystal and LCD substrate;

Grinding and polishing the surface of the HDD heads and computer hard disk;

Polishing and repairing the surface of automotive paint and high-grade furniture;

Grinding and polishing the metals, alloys, ceramics, glass and such materials in the metallographic analysis.

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