Vitrified Diamond Bruting Wheel

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Vitrified Bond Wheels

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Henan Boreas New Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

Ceramic bond diamond bruting wheel for Natural CVD HTHP diamond has good shape retention and long service life, which can save more cost for customers
CNC Bruting Machines: EOS Bruting Machine, Adri Machines And Discron Machine, Etc.
Type: 1A1, 14A1

Diamond bruting wheel has proved its superiority in the jeweler processing industry, a large number of exports to the famous diamond industry countries, India, Thailand, Israel, Belgium, Boswana, Namibia, Russia, Brazil etc.

The advantages of diamond bruting wheels

* Compared with resin bond wheel and metal bond wheel, vitrified diamond bruting wheel could process at least 2 to 3 times products at the same time.
* Not easy to jam and burn the workpiece, good self-sharpening, easy dressing and long life .
* High abrasive resistance and abrasive wear is small.

Type D (mm) T (mm) H (mm) X (mm) U (mm)
1A1 80 10 32 8,10 -
1A1 170 10 32 10,12,14 -
1A1 175 10 32 10,15,20 -
1A1 200 15 32 15 -
1A1 220 10 32 20 -
14A1 170 10 32 10,12,14 5
14A1 175 10 32 10.15 5
Grit: DM20 DM40 DM60 DM80 DM100 According to customer's requirements.

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