Sheet and Tube Metal Laser Cutting Machine Fiber Laser Cutter for Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper

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Sheet Metal and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Jinan Zhongli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jinan Zhongli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Model: ZL3015AC
Category: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Payment: TT, Visa, Mastercard, Credit Cards, Paypal
Supply Ability: 200 Sets / Month
Warranty: 3 Years


One fiber laser cutting machine with multi function, which can cut metal plates as well as metal tubes. It will save your purchasing cost and transportation cost. Cutting speed is fast, super precision, the cutting surface is smooth and without burr.


1. Adopts double pneumatic chucks, which is 2-3 times faster than traditional electric chunks. 2 rows rollers are adopted for a wide range of clamping and high cutting precision.
2. Stable & Strong Structure: The bed is welded with big thickness steel square tubes, which can ensure the good stability of structure. With high temperature annealing and natural aging, the welding stress is eliminated, which can prevent the deformation of the bed , reduce vibration and guarantee a good cutting accuracy.
3. Automatic Focus Cutting Head: Laser head with automatic focus function, which can adjust the focus automatically, no need to adjust it by hand. It can shorten the perforation time, improve the perforation quality and cutting speed.
4. Intelligent CNC System: Easy to operate even by green hands. It support multiple graphic files include DXF, PLT, DWG, AI, G-code, IGS (tube cutting). It is compatible with other nesting software.


Model ZL3015AC ZL4015AC ZL6015AC Zl4020AC ZL6020AC ZL6025AC
Working Area(L*W) 3000×1500mm 4000×1500mm 6000×1500mm 4000×2000mm 6000×2000mm 6000×2500mm
Effective Round Tube Cutting Diameter φ20-φ210mm
Effective Square Tube Cutting Diameter □20-□150mm
Tube Length 3000mm/6000mm/9000mm/12000mm ( Customized )
Laser Power 1000W-20000W
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum speed 120m/min
Acceleration 0.8G/ 1.0G / 1.5G / 2.0G
Power consumption <10KW
Chuck BEUT Pneumatic chuck
Tube cutting transmit system Gear transmit
Sheet cutting transmit system Dual Rack & Pinion type
Cutting materials shape Square pipe, round pipe, L - shaped pipe, channel steel pipe and other shaped pipe


Cutting Materials: Sheet Metal & Tube Metal ( round, square and rectangular tubes, profiles like channel, angle and H-shaped steels also it can cut special-shaped tubes easily like triangular, concave, Land C-shaped tubes, etc.

This sheet & tube fiber laser cutting machine can used in advertising sign production, sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, textile machinery parts, kitchenware, automobiles, machinery, elevators, electrical parts, spring sheets, subway parts, etc.

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