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Transportation simulators perform repetitive shock, loose load or bounce tests in accordance with ISTA, ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, MIL-STD, UN, DOT, and other industry, government and international standards. The TSV Series is used to determine the ability of packages and products to withstand shock and vibration encountered during transportation.


• Synchronous noise suppression belt drive, very low noise
• Digital LCD Speed Display
• Rotary (Synchronous) Motion (Standard)
• Digital Timer w/Test Cycle Programming
• Infinitely Variable Frequency Adjustment throughout the 2-5 Hz Range
• Adjustable Fences
• Conveniently Mounted Standard Controls
• Operator Control Stand that can be moved easily or mounted to the floor
• Motor Controls Pre-Wired per customer specifications
• Rugged and Replaceable Decking for Excellent Wear Resistance and Low Cost Replacement
• Various Models for 250,400,1250,2000,4000,6000 & 8000 pound Payload Capacity


Model TSV100 TSV200 TSV500 TSV1000 TS1V500
Max Loading Weight 100 kg 200kg 500 1000 1500
Frequency Range 120~300 RPM (2-5 Hz)
Displacement (mm) 2.54 cm(1 inch)
Motion Rotation
Test Table  (mm) 1000×1200 1200 X 1200 1200 x1500 1500 x1500 1500 x1500
Power Supply Single Phase AC220V±10%  50/60 Hz
Test Standard Compliance ISTA-1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 2A, 2B, 6-FedEx-A, 6-FedEx-B; ASTM-D999; ISO-2247; MIL STD-810G; FED-101; and other international and industry recognized standards

Transportation Simulators Supplier FAQ

Our power supply is not 220V 50Hz, can you provide a suitable power supply for us?
Please tell me your local power requirements so we can arrange production, thank you

Can this equipment meet the vibration test requirements of ISTA 1A?
Yes, our mechanical shaker can meet ISTA 1A position displacement vibration test, details are as follows

Fixed Displacement Vibration Test

• Vibration Test system with a 1 in(25.4mm) fixed or controlled displacement complying with method A1 or A2 of the apparatus section of ASTM D999
• Rotary or vertical linear motion of the platform is acceptable
• Metal shim 0.06 in(1.5mm), thick approximately 2 in(50mm) wide and at a convenient length
• Tachometer or suitable indicator for determining vibration frequency in cycles per second (Hz) or cycles per minute (CPM)
• Automatic timer or stopwatch

The installation of this equipment can be done by the customer?
Yes, the installation is very simple, just install the power cable and the connecting cable

Does the quotation include a controller?
The quotation includes the price of the controller, and the quotation we provide is the price of the complete set of equipment

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