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Mechanical vibration test system with a frequency range of 10-80Hz simulates the transport vibration test and is suitable for electronic products, batteries, and parts for loose components and hardware failures. The vibration test complies with the standards of SAE, IEC, ASTM, MIL, ISO, GB.

The equipment meets the GB2423-2008, IEC60068, IEC62133 and other international standards


• A good vibration absorber that does not required fixed foundation
• Machine with locking wheel for easy mobility
• Control parameter is simultaneous with real time result
• Microsoft Window operating system
• Complies to national and international standard : IEC 60068
• Very low maintenance


Table Size 500x600mm – 2000mm×2000mm
Frequency 10—-100Hz
Max.Load Up to 500KG
Acceleration 0—14G
Displacement 0-4.0 mmp-p (Adjustable displacement)
Function fixed frequency, sweep frequency
Wave: sinusoidal wave
Sweep rate (Oct/min) customized
Sweep time customized
Vibration direction Vertical

Mechanical Shaker Supplier FAQ

Does the mechanical shaker support three-axis testing?
The sample can be flipped to complete the three-axis test

What information do you need to get a quote for the right equipment for us?
The maximum size and weight of the test sample and the test conditions are provided to confirm whether the equipment can cover all the test conditions.

Can you provide a customized test table?
We are very pleased to provide you with customized services. Before the equipment is produced, our experienced engineers will provide customized test table drawings for your confirmation according to your test requirements.

Will you send an engineer to assist us in the installation?
This machine is easy to install, just insert the plug of the machine into the socket

How to fix the sample?
The fixture can be mounted on the test table, and we will also provide you with a set of fixtures

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