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Superior performance and small footprint coupled with many standard features provide exceptional value. The lower chamber also contains both heating/cooling and may be programmed and operated as a separate temperature cycling chamber for greater return on investment.

Vertical Thermal Shock chambers consist of two separately controlled hot and cold zones. Product is transferred between these zones for rapid product temperature changes.


• Meet the unique requirements: JESD22-A104-B | MIL-STD 883G, Method 1010.8 | MIL-STD 202F, Method 107G | MIL-STD 810G, Method 503.5.
• The cold chamber zone performs as a fully functional, independent environmental test chamber
• Designed to perform tailored environmental stress screening of component and board-level electronic assemblies.
• The return on investment in both actual savings and customer confidence adds greatly to the value of electronic assemblies screened in a thermal shock system.


Thermal shock is used to test the degree to which composite materials and material structures can endure in a continuous environment of extremely high and low temperatures in a short period of time, and test their chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time.

The thermal shock test chamber is necessary test equipment in the fields of aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc. It is used to evaluate and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic, automotive electrical, materials and other products after environmental shock changes in high and low-temperature tests.

The equipment is mainly suitable for schools, factories, military, research, electrical appliances and other enterprise units


Model 3TSC30 3TSC80 3TSC150 3TSC225 3TSC415 3TSC800 3TSC1000
Volume(L) 30 80 150 225 415 800 1000
Carrier Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm) 35x40x36 40x50x40 50x50x40 60x50x50 70x60x60 80x80x75 100x100x100
Exterior Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm) 147x172x159 152x182x169 172x182x179 172x182x179 182x192x190 192x212x210 212x232x235
Test area High temp.exposure range +60 to +100℃/125℃/150℃ )
Test area Low temp.exposure range Type F:-10℃~-40℃ ; Type X:-10℃~-55℃ ; Type S :-10℃~-65℃
Test area Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Test area temperature shock range Type  F:-40℃~+150℃ ; Type X :-55℃~+150℃; Type S:-65℃~+150℃
Test area Temperature deviation ±2.0℃
Test area Temp. recovery time ≤5min( option ≤3min)
Hot chamber Pre-heat upper limit +200℃
Hot chamber Temp. heat-up time Ambient temp. to +200℃  within 20 min
Cold chamber Pre-cool lower limit -75℃
Cold chamber Temp. pull-down time Ambient temp. to -75℃  within 70 min.
Main material High quality stainless steel SUS304
Cooling system Cascade compressor
Insulation material Foamed polyurethane, glass wool
Condensation method Water-cooled or air-cooled
Standards GJB150.5, GB/T2423, IEC6008-2-14 (Test N)
Safety protection system Power supply undervoltage, overvoltage, phase loss, phase sequence error protection; triple overtemperature protection; heater short circuit protection; refrigerator overpressure/overload/oil shortage protection; humidifier fault protection; blower motor overload/overheat protection; control Board overcurrent protection; leakage protection; cooling water shortage protection; air source undervoltage protection.
Custom size chambers are also available

Thermal Shock Test Chamber Supplier FAQ

What certifications are support for your thermal shock test chamber?
CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, SGS.

What your production lead time?
We understand our customers’ need to have their equipment shipped quickly and on time. Lead times generally vary from 15 days day to 45 days and are noted on our quotation to you. Please be sure to discuss your more urgent requirements with your sales representative so we can be sure to meet your expectations.

Can you provide a factory inspection report or a third-party inspection report?
All our equipment will provide a factory inspection report, we can also provide a third-party inspection report, but we hope that you inform us before purchasing the equipment so that we have enough time to arrange.

What is your payment method?
If you are the first time order with us, we suggest PayPal for secured order. 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment is for regular order. LC at sight for bulk order.

What's the warranty time for your machine?
1 years warranty are available

Can you provide on-site training?
We can provide you with on-site training, and we will also provide you with installation and operation videos so that you can follow the video or instruction manual step by step. It is also recommended that you ask a local experienced engineer to install the equipment for you according to our operation video, because the equipment installation process is very simple for experienced engineers.

What information do I need to provide for a thermal shock test chamber quotation?
The size and weight of samples and fixtures, and test conditions

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