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Salt spray and salt fog are types of accelerated corrosion tests that are performed to assess the comparative corrosion resistance of certain materials when exposed to salt fog or salt spray at a specific temperature.

In this test, specimens are put inside a chamber or cabinet for salt fog testing, with constant saltwater spray or indirect fog, while the climate is maintained during the test. Salt fog is also known as the fog test or salt spray test.


Salt spray test is an important method to test the anti-salt spray corrosion ability of products or materials, and the scientificity and rationality of test results are very important. There are many factors that affect the stability and consistency of salt spray test results. The key to improving the validity of salt spray test results is test technology.

Therefore, test operators need not only professional knowledge and professional skills but also rich practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of the product. To understand the salt spray test from chemical and environmental engineering, materials, structures and processes and other multidisciplinary fields, scientifically and reasonably express the test results to better provide effective information for product material selection, structural design, process selection, product transportation, storage and use, and improve the salt spray corrosion resistance of products or materials


• High Reproducibility
• Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage
• Easy-to-Use Test Settings
• Easy-Installation to any Location
• Simple Setting by Simple Construction


Model SSC-60 SSC-90 SSC-120 SSC-160 SSC-200
Carrier Dimensions(cm) (L x W x H) 60x45x40 90×60×50 120×100×50 160×100×50 200×100×60
Exterior Dimensions(cm) (L x W x H) 105×65×115 140×85×130 200×135×145 240×125×145 280×125×155
Test room temperature Salt water test method (NSS ACSS) 35℃±1℃; Corrosion test method (CASS) 50℃±1℃
Pressure barrel temperature Salt water test method (NSS ACSS) 47℃±1℃; Corrosion test method (CASS) 63℃±1℃
Volume (L) 108 270 480 800 1000
Salt water volume (L) 15 25 40 40 40
Brine concentration Add 0.26 grams of copper chloride per liter to 5% concentration sodium chloride solution or 5% concentration sodium chloride solution
Compressed air pressure (Kgf) 1.0~6.0
Spray amount 1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (collect at least 16 hours,  average value)
Spray method Continuous or Programmable
Power supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Weight(kg) 65 80 120 160 200

Salt Spray Test Chamber Supplier FAQ

What Certifications you have?
CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, SGS.

What your production lead time?
We understand our customers’ need to have their equipment shipped quickly and on time. Lead times generally vary from 15 days day to 45 days and are noted on our quotation to you. Please be sure to discuss your more urgent requirements with your sales representative so we can be sure to meet your expectations.

Can you provide a factory inspection report or a third-party inspection report?
All our equipment will provide a factory inspection report, we can also provide a third-party inspection report, but we hope that you inform us before purchasing the equipment so that we have enough time to arrange.

What is your payment method?
If you are the first time order with us, we suggest PayPal for secured order. 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment is for regular order. LC at sight for bulk order.

What's the warranty time for your machine?
1 years warranty are available

Can you provide on-site training?
We can provide you with on-site training, and we will also provide you with installation and operation videos so that you can follow the video or instruction manual step by step. It is also recommended that you ask a local experienced engineer to install the equipment for you according to our operation video, because the equipment installation process is very simple for experienced engineers.

What information do I need to provide for a quotation?
The size and weight of samples and fixtures, and test conditions

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