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Drop tester for mobile products is a standard model of drop tester that provides accurate drop tests with a unique drop mechanism for smartphones, cell phones and other mobile products. The specimen holding system retains the dropping posture of specimens, enabling it to provide drop tests superior in reproducibility.


• This machine adopts AC variable-frequency and variable-speed motor plus synchronous pulley for adjusting drop height range, which is durable.
• This machine adopts a color LCD touch panel plus PLC for motion control and set, by which drop cycles can be reset and power-off memory function is provided; all control parameters will be set via the touch panel: drop, reset, height resetting, number of drops and account etc.;
• The operator just needs to input the size of the product to be subject to drop test via the screen only: Length L, Width W, Thickness T, Diagonal Interval DI; so that the test can auto raise up to the set drop height for testing;
• After the drop finishes, the fixture block will automatically return to the set sucking height (generally, at a height of 600~800mm).
• 4 corners, 8 edges, 2 faces, 2 sides can be set to drop and impact on base, if the product is not in regular shape, we can make the clamping fixture for the test.
• The product will be released at a height of around 300mm, that can make sure the impact gesture of the product is on the base.
• The drop bases: steel plate, marble board, wood board.


Payload Capacity 2 kg
Drop Height 250—2000 mm
Package Size 100(W) x 200(L) mm
Machine Size 600 x 2382 x 500 mm
Machine Weight 80 kg
Power& Air Supply Single Phase AC220V 50Hz 10A(Compressed Air)0.5 ~0.7Mpa
Supply Air Pressure 0.49Mpa is required(1.2dm3 when tests 6times/min)
Applicable Standards JIS C 60068-2-31, IEC 60068-2-31

Drop Tester for Mobile Products Supplier FAQ

Is it possible to get the drop machine with extended drop height?
Yes, we are happy to provide you with customized services

What spare parts do we need to prepare? Do you keep them in stock?
According to customer feedback, we do not recommend customers to purchase extra spare parts, because our equipment generally has a service life of more than 10 years, and we have always kept a stock of parts in order to provide them to customers in time.

Can you change the color of the drop tester?
Yes, please provide the color number so that we can arrange production

Can you make nameplates according to our requirements?
Please tell us your requirements and we will provide a nameplate for you to confirm

Is this drop tester suitable to perform edge and corner tests?
Our drop testers can perform face, corner and edge drop tests for a complete evaluation of package and product performance

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