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Product description

Rotating drum testers can carry out continuous drop tests for a small electronic devices such as smartphones, or mobile phones. By utilizing the step-less transmission controlling motor, it keeps a high precision rotation of two different size drums at all times.


• Applicable to various samples
• Safe operation with standard attached cover
• Less noise
• Easy Maintenance for Long Term Usage
• Easy-to-Use Test Settings
• Simple Setting by Simple Construction.


Model DTR-05 without chamber DTR-0510 without chamber DTR-F0510 with chamber
Fall frequency (times per min) 3-20 5-40 5-40
Drop height 0.5M 0.5M`+1.0M 0.5M`+1.0M
Roller box width 275mm
Roller box 1 2 2
The number of process runs 1~99999999 1~99999999 1~99999999
Drop floor material Steel plate and plank Steel plate and plank Steel plate and plank
Sample weight 2kg
Machine size 1370x800x1454mm 1100x1370x1340mm 1200x1500x1600mm
Power Supply Single phase 220V 50/60Hz Single phase 220V 50/60Hz Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Consumption 400W 900W 900W

Rotating Drum Tester Supplier FAQ

Is it possible to get the rotating drum tester with extended drop height?
Yes, we are happy to provide you with customized services

What spare parts do we need to prepare? Do you keep them in stock?
According to customer feedback, we do not recommend customers to purchase extra spare parts, because our equipment generally has a service life of more than 10 years, and we have always kept a stock of parts in order to provide them to customers in time.

Can you change the color of the drop tester?
Yes, please provide the color number so that we can arrange production

Can you make nameplates according to our requirements?
Please tell us your requirements and we will provide a nameplate for you to confirm

Is this drop tester suitable to perform edge and corner tests?
Our drop testers can perform face, corner and edge drop tests for a complete evaluation of package and product performance

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