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Torsion testing machine is used to measure the mechanical properties of metal or non-metal samples when they are twisted. This testing machine can apply torque to the sample, and can measure the size of the torque, is a special equipment for torsion experiments.

It has many types and different structural forms, but generally consists of two basic parts: loading and force measurement


• The shaft torsion testing machine adopts a high-precision, all-digital speed control system and precision reducer, and drives the precision screw pair for testing, realizing a wide range of test speed adjustment, low noise and stable operation during the test.
• Touch key operation mode, LCD display real-time display. The display interface can display the test method selection interface, the test parameter selection interface, the test operation and result display interface and the curve display interface, which is convenient and quick.
• The rotating shaft torsion testing machine has the functions of digital display of test force, continuous adjustment of test speed, automatic shutdown of sample breaking, peak hold and other functions.
• The rotating shaft torsion testing machine can realize the speed adjustment of the beam when the sample is clamped, and has protection devices such as overcurrent, overvoltage and overload.


Model TC1 ATC2
Torque 0.3-5N.m 0.3-10N.m
Test speed 100`10000 limit/min 100`10000 limit/min
Test times 99999999 times 99999999 times
Test angle 1-7200° 1-7200°
Test mode Normal torsion mode, reverse torsion mode Positive twist mode, reverse twist mode, positive and negative twist mode
Knob rotation length <20mm <20mm
External dimension 400x1200x300 400x1400x300
Control mode Touch screen +PLC+ stepping motor+ sensor +torquemeter Serve+PC+controller
Power supply Single phase 50/60Hz Single phase 50/60Hz

Torsion Testing Machine Supplier FAQ

What details are required for a torsion testing machine quotation
We need to know the size and weight of your maximum sample and test conditions to choose the right equipment to complete all your test conditions.

What`s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support for free.

Do you provide customized service for your torsion testing machine?
All our equipment will provide a factory inspection report, we can also provide a third-party inspection report, but we hope that you inform us before purchasing the equipment so that we have enough time to arrange.

What is your payment method?
If you are the first time order with us, we suggest PayPal for secured order. 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment is for regular order. LC at sight for bulk order.

How about the spare parts?
We will send one year enough easy broken spare parts together with the machines when delivery. During the warranty time, we will supply the spare parts with our cost price including delivery fees.

How to test machine before delivery?
We will connect all machines in line make them running over 8 hours non-stop , then take and send testing videos. Or we could live video inspection.

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