External Gear Light Type Slew Ring Replacement Slewing Bearing

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Xuzhou Helin Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Helin Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.

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Light slewing bearing’s characteristics: the internal ring and the external ring are both L-shaped; The flank surface of ring is provided with a grease cup, steel balls is assembled between the external ring and internal ring on integration


• n1 is No. of lube holes, the user can specify the lube hole position.
• n-φ can be changed to threading holes, hole diameter M, thread depth 2M.
• There are standard products in the catalog, and the inner and outer diameters are random tolerances. If there is a locating requirement for slewing bearing, please indicate the site and tolerance.
• It is standard type of our products, if you need more please contact with engineer

Our manufacturing standard is according to machinery standard JB/T2300-2011,

We devote ourselves to the R &D of customized slewing bearing with high precision, special purpose and requirements.

With abundant raw materials and high production efficiency, the company can supply products to customers as quickly as possible and shorten the time for customers to wait for products.

Our internal quality control includes first inspection, mutual inspection, in-process quality control and sampling inspection to ensure product quality. The company has complete testing equipment and advanced testing method.

Strong after-sales service team, timely solve customer problems, to provide customers with a variety of services.

Detailed drawings will be sent to the customer at the same time the order is placed.

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