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Gear is a mechanical element with teeth on the rim that can continuously mesh to transmit motion and power. It is extremely widely used in mechanical transmission and the entire mechanical field.

Professional gear processing customization

We provide high-quality customized gears, we use high-quality raw materials and advanced production tools, factory inspection.Provide fault service, and each product has technical support. Our engineers are always ready to solve technical problems for you.Gears are reasonably priced and reliable. For more information about our gear manufacturing services and other products, please contact us immediately ~

1. Introduction of Xuzhou Helin slewing ring bearings

Xuzhou Helin is a professional manufacturer in slewing ring bearings. We can also design and make other standard and non-standard ball slewing ring bearings, roller slewing bearings and precision slewing ring bearings as per customer's different technical requirements.
Slewing ring bearing is also called slewing ring, slewing bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing.
Slewing ring bearing is a bearing that able to bear axial load, radial load and overturning torque. Under normal circumstances, slewing ring bearings have their own mounting holes, lubricant holes and seal holes, to meet the different needs of the various host working under the various conditions; On the other hand, slewing ring bearing itself has characteristics of compact structure, guide rotating convenient, easy to install and maintaining easily.

2. Structure
2.1 Slewing ring bearings have different types as per different structures, here below is what we offering now:

• Single row ball slewing ring bearings
• Double row ball slewing ring bearings
• Crossed roller slewing ring bearings
• Triple row roller slewing ring bearings
• Flange slewing ring bearings

2.2 The above slewing ring bearings can also be divided into three different types as per different transmissions:
• Slewing ring bearings with no gear
• Slewing ring bearings with external gear
• Slewing ring bearings with internal gear

3. Features:
Slewing ring bearings have more features: compact structure, reliable guide, simple installation, and easily maintenance

4. Application:
Slewing ring bearings can be widely used in lifting & transport machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port hoisting machinery, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane, excavator, concrete machine, paper machine, plastic and rubber machine, weave machine, steel plant, electronic power plant, wind power generator, other construction and industry machines or equipments and other large rotary device.

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