Round Yarn Woven Dryer Screen

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Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Huatao Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.

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Round yarn woven dryer screen made from high grade round monofilament polyester yarns.

According to the category, round yarn woven dryer screen can be divided into one and a half layer, double layer and rectangular wire fabric. According to the joining mode, it can be divided into insert, pin, pin ring and spiral ring joint.

The selection of dryer screen is depending on the various paper machine parameters such as paper grades, dryer cylinders configuration, dryer cylinder temperatures, air balance in the hood etc. Dryer screen design and materials are also very important.

For a particular paper machine, the permeability, design and materials of the dryer screen should be adapted to make sure optimum drying from a drying section. The air permeability of the dryer screen has a great impact on the rate of evaporation of water. If the permeability is decreased, then it is reduction in drying capacity of the dryer screen.

The dryer screen, whose air permeability range between 700-1000CFM is used on paper machine for producing higher gsm Kraft and board varieties. On the other hand 100-400CFM dryer screen widely used in medium and high speed paper machine. Proper chosen of dryer clothing improve paper machine runnability, increased drying rate, improved paper quality and savings energy.

Moreover the dryer screen should have the following parameters or characteristics: Aerodynamic Properties, Heat Transfer, Fabric Tension, Sheet Support, caliper, heat resistant, wet-resistant, should be less elongation at heat, durability, silent drive, easy to operation etc.

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