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Qingdao Retech Farming Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Retech Farming Technology Co., Ltd.

Product description

Prefab Steel Structure Chicken House Solutions

Steel structure solutions specially provided for chicken house

Product Advantages

1. The perfect combination of chicken house and equipment

Focus on raising equipment for 30 years - we provide you with professional steel structure chicken houses.

• Optimal production performance
• Safer chicken house environment
• Ideal tunnel ventilation effect
• Lower house maintenance and operating costs

2. Reinforced structure design for chicken houses

The chicken house can resist typhoon and prolong the service life.

• Comply with national construction codes and standard specifications
• Anti-typhoon structure verification(up to 275 km/h, can resist typhoon)
• Seismic crack verification (not less than 8 level)
• Professional structural design for aerodynamic ventilation

Compared with traditional concrete chicken houses,the steel structure chicken house has the following advantages:

• The construction period is shortened by about 1/3, reducing the pressure of capital occupation and the risk of market changes.
• The chicken house design can be more flexible.
• Few columns inside chicken house, high space utilization.
• Lower cost of civil foundation.
• Recyclable construction materials make the chicken house more environmentally friendly.
• The indoor environment of of the chicken house more constant.
• Double-tier chicken house can be doable with higher land utilization rate.

Important and effective technical details

Optimal production performance
RETECH total solutions meet your higher requirements regarding production performance and environmental factors.

Safety factor above 1.0
Scientifically design chicken house structure and strength according to local climate

Ideal chicken house insulation
• Choose the right high-density panel material according to local temperature and humidity
• Sealed and insulated doors and inlets specialized for raising

Higher corrosion resistance
• Paint thickness up to 110μm
• Electro galvanized thickness up to 275g/m2 (American Standard G90)
• Hot-dip galvanized thickness up to 500μm

Product Configuration

Technical Details

Below configuration is suitable for most chicken houses. If it does not meet your raising needs, please contact us and we will customize the design for you.
Building dimension Customized according to raising needs Roof live load In 120kg/Sqm (color steel plate surround)
Wind resistance grade Up to 275 km/h to withstand typhoons Seismic resistance 8 Level
Service life Up to 50 years Applicable environmental temperature Applicable temperature: -10°C~+50°C
Certification ISO9001:2008、ISO14001:2004 Installation time 30-60 days
After-sale service Online technical support, on-site installation guide, on-site training Solutions Chicken house total solutions

Core Raw Materials

H-shaped Steel
Square Tube
C-shaped Steel
Color Steel Plate
PU /EPS Sandwich panel
Insulation Layer

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