Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector ME-620V & ME620VP

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Vascular Doppler Detector

Shanghai MedEco Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanghai MedEco Industry Co., Ltd.

Product description

ME-620V & ME620VP Doppler Detector is mainly used for the detection of arterial blood flow in human or animal. It is suitable for urology, andrology and hand surgery. Department of Orthopaedics, Traumatic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Burn, Plastic Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, etc., with superelevation Sensitive, small size and easy to use.

Products Specification:

Frequency range:Main unit:200±80~5000±1000Hz


External output:loudspeaker, single channel with earphone jack

Emissive waveform: sine wave

Ultrasonic frequency:5.0MHz±10% 、8.0MHz ±10%

Ultrasonic frequency average intensity: < 50mW/cm2

Velocity measure range:0~100 cm /s.

Test error:≤20%(relative error)

Overall sensitivity:> 100dB

Printing speed:40cm/min,60cm/min ,display synchronize with print

Frequency mode display range:0.2 KHz~7.0 KHz

Outline dimension:210*220*105 (mm)

Net weight:1.9 Kg

LCD Display:

128 X 64 dots, LCD cursor indicates blood stream speed, double display mode for the spectrum and velocity.

Power indication: blue LED indication

Charge indication:the charge indicator is yellow when charging and become green after full charge

Alarm indication: the indicator light is red when the lack of battery

Lack of paper indication: When the recorder is lack of paper, the indication light is red

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