Automatic Fluid Warming Cabinet ME1060 Series

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Infusion & Blood Warmer

Shanghai MedEco Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanghai MedEco Industry Co., Ltd.

Product description

Its used in operating room, ICU ward, CT catheter room, radiology department, interventional room, emergency department and other hospital departments; used for constant temperature heating of liquid drugs, saline, contrast agent, irrigation fluid, iodophor, dialysate, nutrient solution, patient's single towel, etc.

Microcomputer control, accurate and reliable, friendly man-machine interface

5. 6 inch TFT touch screen

Automatic alarm device with low and high temperature, safe and reliable

Built-in double inner liner design, different heating modes can be selected according to need.

Temperature range of heating mode for nutrient solution or other reagents: 30 - 70 degrees Celsius

Temperature range of injection mode: 37 - 40 degrees Celsius

Super large inner gallbladder capacity design, can place fluid and solid

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