Infusion Blood Warmer ME1000

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Infusion & Blood Warmer

Shanghai MedEco Industry Co., Ltd.

Shanghai MedEco Industry Co., Ltd.

Product description

Infusion Blood Warmer ME1000 suitable for warming the liquid imported into the human & Pet body, It is suitable for blood transfusion and infusion of patients before, during and after operation; intravenous nutrition infusion; infusion of children or newborns; blood transfusion and infusion in cold environment.

Products Specification :

Setting range: 28℃ - 41℃,±0.5℃.

Heating capacity: 0 - 1000 mL/h

Temperature Control Technology:

Using Intelligent Microcomputer Control Technology, Triple Temperature Control Protection

Dry heating structure can be heated to set temperature in 2 minutes.

Tip function: After infusion, sound and light alarm

lear display of liquid heating temperature by high brightness LED digital tube

Fault sound and light alarm, built-in battery, infrared detection function can work continuously for 3 - 6 hours after power failure of external power supply

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