PI500 High-performance standard vector control inverter

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General-purpose inverter

Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd.

Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd.

Product description

PI500 series high-performance vector control inverter is based on the company's many years of design, production, sales experience, suitable for all kinds of industrial machinery, fan& water pump drive control and heavy industry such as medium frequency grinding. Products in duct design, hardware configuration, software functions, installation design has greatly improved the customer ease of use and environmental adaptability, function optimization, application is more flexible, more stable performance, greatly improve the product reliability.

Operating environment:

1. Environment temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃, temperature at 40 ℃, please derating for use, derating at 3% per 1°C drop. It is not recommended to use the inverter in the environment above 50°C.
2. Prevent electromagnetic interference and keep away from sources of interference.
3. Prevent intrusion of the water droplets, steam, dust, dust, cotton wool, and metal fines.
4. Prevent intrusion of the oil, salt, and corrosive gases.
5. Avoid vibrations. The maximum amplitude can’t exceed 5.9m/s (0.6g).
6. Avoid high temperature and humidity and no rain. Relative humidity is less than 90%RH. Do not allow condensation. In spaces where corrosive gases are present, the maximum relative humidity can’t exceed 60%.
7. Altitude
8. The use of flammable, flammable, explosive gas, liquid or solid hazardous environments is prohibited.

Functional characteristics:

• A variety of motor drive technology: no matter asynchronous motor or synchronous motor, it can implement high-performance current vector control.
• Steady speed precision, wide speed range
• Low speed with high torque, small torque ripple
• Precise motor parameter self-learning; motor parameters can be comprehensive self-study(rotary self learning) or still learning( motor) with the occasion of the load cannot escape, convenient debugging, simple operation, provide high control accuracy and response speed.
• Simple PLC function, achieve up to 16-speed operation through the control terminal
• LED double display membrane keyboard, more user-friendly for the interface design
• Optimized air duct design and high-speed DC fan
• Perfect heat dispelling
• Built-in communication module and GPRS card, can realize the interconnection operation with the PC end, and carry on the long-range location monitoring
• Flange installation, wall-mounted and floor installation can be all available, rail mounting for small power inverters

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