ABS High Rubber Powder EB-169

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Shandong Eagone Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Eagone Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Product description

ABS High Rubber Powder EB-169 is an terpolymer of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene same as ABS High Rubber Powder EB-168, which has high rubber content of 60-65%. The main difference lies in the improvement of compatibility, taking PC mixing as an example, only need to add about 10% of this kind of high rubber powder can achieve the required performance indicators.

Technical Index:

Item / Index
Appearance: White granular solid powder
Volatile Matter (%): ≤1.5
Apparent Density g/cm³: 0.20-0.40

Main Parameter Index:

HR POWDER /PC (CHIMEI 110)/ABS RESIN(Sinopec 8391): 10 / 70 / 30
Test Items | Test Conditions 【 S tatus 】 | Test Methods | Specification | Unit
IZOD Impact Strength | 23℃,2.5mm | ASTM D-256 | ≥450 | J/m
Melt Flow Index | 220℃×10kgf (98N) | ASTM D-1238 | ≥8 | g/10min
Flexural Strength | 23℃   0.1 mm/mm/min | ASTM D-790 | ≥60 | MPa
Flexural Modulus | 23℃ | ASTM D-790 | 1500∽2300 | Mpa
Tensile Strength | 23℃,50mm/min | ASTM D-638 | ≥40 | Mpa
Rockwell Hardness | 23℃ | ASTM D-785 | 105∽115 | R
Vicat softening temperature (VST) | 50℃/h | ASTM D-648 | ≥110 | ℃


Compared with EB-168, EB-169 is more suitable for materials requiring high compatibility based on its application range:

1. Toughened ABS return, PC/ABS return and etc. No matter the new material or return, the impact strength is provided by rubber powder, due to the aging of butadiene in rubber, impact strength of return decreased very severe, new rubber powder can be added to enhance its impact strength.

2. Toughened PVC, PC materials.

Storage, Packaging and Transportation:

This product is sealed in a woven bag lined with plastic bags, and is accompanied by the product qualification certificate. Trademark, production name, product net weight, product batch number should be marked on the outside of the package.

This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, belongs to the non-dangerous goods, and is transported according to the non-dangerous goods treatment, which should strictly prevent from the sun and rain. This product is stored in a cool and ventilated place, with a shelf life of one year. After one year, it can still be used if there is no change after performance measurement.

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