4,4'-Oxydianiline (Recrystallization method)

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Product description

Chemical Name: 4,4'-Oxydianiline (Recrystallization method )

Other Name: 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether

Molecular formula : C12H12N2O,

Molecular weight :200.24

CAS : 101-80-4


Appearance: Colourless powder or granule(yellow or light grey is allowed).Itcan dissolve in part of organic solvent,slightly dissolve in ethyl alcohol and diluted hydrochloric acid,insoluble in water.

Application of 4 4'-Oxydianiline

1. It is one of the important raw material in synthesizing monomers of polyimide resin.

2. It is also used for raw material and cross-linking agent of high-performance epoxy resin.

3. Meanwhile,it is used to replace carcinogen benzidine in producing azo dyes,reactive dyes and perfume etc.

4. At the same time, it is also used in the production of azo dyes, reactive dyes and perfumes to replace benzidine which has carcinogenic effects.  

Packing: Inner packing is vacuum package with aluminum film bag;outer packing is carton or fiber can,or order by customer.

Storage:Guarantee period is for one year under the conditions of protectionfrom light,shade,ventilation,dry and seal oxygen insulation.

According to the production process, different products are divided into sublimation and recrystallization products

Quality standard of Recrystallization product

Items / Quality standard
Appearance: White or pale yellow granule
Size of particle: 20-80 mesh
Purity: ≥99.80%
Moisture: ≤0.05%
Volatile: ≤0.2%
Melting point: ≥189.0℃
Ash: ≤0.05%
Light transmittance: ≥90%
Micro powder: <150 μm

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