VHP Sterilization Chamber

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Sep 21, 2022
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Wuxi Lenge Purification Equipments Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Lenge Purification Equipments Co., Ltd.

Product description

• Material: SUS304/316L Stainless Steel
• Vaporization Power: Clean Compressed Air
• Sterilization Efficacy: 6-log
• Sterilization Time: <120 min.
• Cleanliness Class: Class B
• Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz,3kW

VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) Decontamination Chamber is normally used for sterilization of outer surface of any object, which is not suitable for AUTOCLAVE & compatible with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in vapour phase.

Operation Principle:

A built-in VHP generator heats up the hydrogen peroxide, converting it from liquid to vapour, then blown into the chamber, creating a lethal environment capable of killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Each step of the process is fully controlled, guaranteeing perfect performance.

Product Description:

VHP Decontamination Chamber is designed for two different zone of area, for transferring of product from lower classified zone to higher classified zone (Non– sterile area to Sterile area), without effecting the balancing of respective zone, containment free product transfer to higher classified zone. The Unit is especially suitable for GMP regulated pharmaceutical companies manufacturing drugs aseptically.

Characteristic & Features:

• Sterilization process <120min. to realize multiple sterilization operations one day.
• Fully automatic operate, menu can be saved and invoked.
• Emergency Stop.
• Adopts clean compressing air for vaporization power which can reduce the impact of the pressure differential when taking air from the room.
• Decomposition filter can effectively reduce the concentration of VHP remain Reduce the impact on environment and personnel.
• Through up down side to reduce the inspection space.
• Corner sterilization pass box which will increase factory space utilization ratio, and improve the distribution.
• Very low hydrogen peroxide consumption.

Material: SUS304/316L Stainless Steel
Application: Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Electronics
Structure: Fully Enclosed
Sterilization Time: <120 min.
Vaporization Power: Clean Compressed Air
Sterilization Efficacy: 6-log
Sterilization Media: 30% Medical Grade H 2 O 2
Maintenance Mode: Side Access/Up-Down Access
Inlet Air Purification: H14
Cycling Mode: Direct Exhaust
Validation Document: 4Q/FAT/SAT
System Monitoring: Increase concentration
Soft System: Display the current step, remaining time and working status of main parts, time setting, system parameter setting, alarm information, online data monitoring, manual and automatic switching, sterilization batch input, validation information, PDF report, formula management

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