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API standard AISI 4145H Mod forged straight stabilizer for drilling

API standard AISI 4145H Mod forged straight stabilizer for drilling

by Shaanxi Senwell Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd
China |
Product groupMining Machine Parts
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Product Specification

Material:AISI 4145H, AISI 4145H Mod, AISI 4340, AISI 4140-4142 and Non-magnetic.

Size:Up to 36


Stabilizer forging/blank, Reamer Forging
Integral Blade Stabilizer
Integral spiral stabilizer
Interchangeable sleeve stabilizer
Straight blade stabilize
Sleeve replaceable stabilizer
All of the connections arestrictly in accordance withAPI Standard, which have stress relief groove and are cold rolled. The flank of thread is phosphatized or plated copper, coated with thread dope and equipped with thread protector. It is mainly the spiral blades (usually three blades, also can be four blades according to customers requirements), which rub against the borehole wall. The working surface of the blade is hard faced. The hard facing types we can provide are HF1000, HF2000, HF3000, HF4000, HF5000, and HF6000. It is preferred operation that tungsten carbide inserts are cold inset into the working surface of blades including its bevels. Braze welding tungsten carbide grains are also adopted according to customers requirements.


Package:metal frame

Inquiry and order should specify:

l Hole size and type of stabilizer( string or near bits)

2 Material (steel or Non Mag.)

3 OD and ID

4 Connections type and size

5 Fishing Neck OD and length

6 API stress relief groove

7 Open or tight design

8 Right or left hand spiral

9 Hard facing type

10 Float valve and hole

We also can make the Impact value under -20 (negative) low temperature according to the requirements of clients. The average impact value is about 30J.(This only for 4145H Mod.)
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