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AU/NZ Standard Cold Formed Galvanized Steel Frame

AU/NZ Standard Cold Formed Galvanized Steel Frame

by Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Tech. Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
CategoryMinerals & Metallurgy
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AU/NZ standard cold formed galvanized steel frame
Light Steel Frame Construction
The disc shaped elements that are merely filling in a structural steel building, are part of the constructive starting point of light gauge steel frame construction system. Each individual frame consists of a framework of vertical and horizontal constructive elements of which every piece has a limited section and weight. This system transfers loads diffusely, limiting the importance of point charges. The section shape is C shape , to connect each parts together by the connection pieces . Connecting the pieces of a light steel frame and connecting two frames can be either done with rivets, self-tapping screws or bolts and nuts.

Light Steel Frame Construction: the advantages.
Light Gauge Steel Framing combines the advantages of wood frames with those of steel. Depending on the situation on site, the Light steel frames can be assembled either in a workshop or on site. This can be extremely useful on job sites that are difficult to reach and can dramatically reduce the time spent on site.
Moreover, light steel frames compare well to wooden frames because they are lighter, dimensionally stable, less susceptible to the weather and resistant to pests and vermin.
Large spans and cantilevers are possible by using trussed structures.
Our design software is FRMACAD , It is no problem to meet the structure and the customers' request .
Each profile is cut to size while all dimples, screw holes and service holes are in place. there is no limitations in the design, for a relatively low cost.
And the material is galvanized or galvalume coated , with the high strength . It is durable and with long life-span .
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