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Calcium Silicon Manganese Alloy CaSiMn

Calcium Silicon Manganese Alloy CaSiMn

by Anyang Hengsheng Metallurgical Refractories Co.Ltd
China | Manufacturer | Call: +86-15083009800
Warranty1 year
CategoryMinerals & Metallurgy
Product groupOther Metals & Metal Products
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Calcium Silicon Manganese is a composite alloy composed of silicon, calcium and manganese, It's smelted by medium frequency electric furnace at high temperature.
Calcium Silicon Manganese is the good deoxidizer and desulfurizer, good ability of removal of inclusions, low melting point, melting speed quickly, good fluidity, effectively shorten refining time, reduce the cost. in addition, In the use of no smoke, no flame, security and good environment. Applicable to a variety of steelmaking deoxidization, especially for converter steelmaking deoxidization.

Calcium Silicon Manganese use for high-quality steel, low-carbon steel, wiredrawing steel, stainless steel,etc.molten steel deep deoxidization, Adsorption of inclusions in steel, obviously improve steel liquid.


Si: 40-50 %
Ca: 10-20 %
Mn: 10-20 %
C: 1.0 % max.
P: 0.05% max.
S: 0.04% max.
Fe: 15 % max.
Al: 1.5% max.
Size: 10-50mm, etc.
The specification, packing and granular size can be produce according to customer demand.
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