CCS Approved Ocm-15 15ppm Bilge Alarm Device

CCS Approved Ocm-15 15ppm Bilge Alarm Device

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15ppm Bilge Alarm for oily water separator
1.Standard: IMO resolution MEPC107(49)
2. LCD display
3. Alarm Points: 1~15ppm adjustable
4. Approval: CCS/EC Approval

15ppm Bilge Alarm for Oily Water Separator
The OCM-15 type bilge water alarm device has been designed specifically for use in continuous monitoring of oil-in-bilge water, 15 ppm alarm and control of discharge, detection, memory and enquiry of alarm status. It is applicable to detect boiler condensate water. And it applies to oil and chemical industries as well.

The OCM-15 type bilge water alarm device use the technology of near infrared measurement, which can display the detected result in real time. The unit is supplied with 2 works-adjusted alarms. The set point (15ppm factory set) could be adjusted at any moment through the panel. If an alarm set point is exceed, the alarms are visible at the front panel and the appropriate relays are switched, that can be achieved the movement control of overrun closedown or the treatment of overrun recycle, and the memory and enquiry of alarm record. Furthermore, a 4 - 20 mA (equal to 0 15ppm) effective signal output is available for driving a recorder or external meter.

OCM-15 Oil Content Meter Specifications:
Type: OCM-15
Range: 0~30 mg/l can exceed to 50mg/l
AccuracyBetter than 5mg/l
Linearitybetter than 2 %
DisplayLCD display
Power Supply: 220VAC/110VAC ± 10%
Consumption: 10 VA
Alarm Points: 1-15ppm
Alarm Points works set: 15ppm
Alarm 1 delay0-10 second.
Alarm 2 delay0-10 second
Alarm outputTwo way relays output
Alarm relay output contact value5A, 250VAC
Alarm relay output feedback signal testTwo way working status contact testing
Alarm Indication: Red LED's
Output Signal: 4 - 20 mA, reversible Ri < 500
Sample Water Pressure: 0.01 -6 bar
Sample Flow: Approx. 0.2 - 4 l/min depend on pressure
Ambient Temperature: 0 to + 55° C
Sample Water Temperature: + 1 to + 80° C
Size (over all): 360 mm W x 240 mm H x 105 mm D
Degree of Protection: IP 45
Weight: 8kg
Pipe Connections: R 1/4" Female
StandardIMO. Res. MEPC. 107(49)

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