character LCD module 16*2

character LCD module 16*2

by Longtech Optics Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
CategoryElectronic Components, Accessories & Telecommunications
Product groupDisplay Modules
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1.2-line x16 characters display,5x8 dots with cursor;
2.Built-in controller (ST7066 or equivalent);
3.+5V/+3.3V power supply;
4.Interface with 4-bit or 8-bit MPU,1/16 Duty cycle,1/5 Bias;
5.STN or FSTN positive/negative mode;
6.BKL to be driven by pin15, pin16.
7.With various specifications.
LCM1602A Dimension: 80.0*36.0mm V.A.64.5*13.8mm
LCM1602B Dimension: 84.0*44.0mm V.A.64.5*16.4mm
LCM1602C Dimension: 66.7*23.3mm V.A.61.7*15.6mm
LCM1602E Dimension: 85.0*36.0mm V.A.64.5*16.4mm
LCM1602H Dimension: 65.5*36.7mm V.A.54.0*14.4mm
LCM1602N Dimension: 85.0*29.5mm V.A.64.5*16.4mm
LCM1602Q1 Dimension: 59.0*29.3mm V.A.53.0*16.0mm
LCM1602S Dimension: 122.0*44.0mm V.A.99.0*24.0mm
LCM1602T Dimension: 85.0*32.6mm V.A.64.5*16.4mm
LCM16201 Dimension: 53.0*20.0mm V.A.36.0*10.0mm
LCM16205 Dimension: 65.0*28.0mm V.A.59.0*15.7mm
character LCD module 16*2
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