CK Chain Blocks

CK Chain Blocks

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Warranty1 year
CategoryTools & Hardware
Product groupManual Operated Chain Hoist
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•With overload protection avoiding the overloading and ensuring safe working
•Durable and pretty appearance, high quality, as well as unique and exquisite design
•High reliability, need small hand pull force, low cost in repair and maintenance
•Premium grade alloy load chain and zinc plated hand chain fully meet the standard
•Special designed top hook can back out easily and can be installed with trolley directly
•Light in weigh, small in size, easy and comfortable handing with excellent performance
•Overload device with concealed structure protects itself from external damaging effect
•Rapid and stable work and be easily restored, easy to carry, and also easy to handle
•Reducing the load under rated capacity without readjustment is available in blocks
•Provide customers with excellent after-sale serve, market agent support and protection
•Drop-forged and expertly heat treated hooks for great strength and long wearing
•Manufactured by alloy metal and completed with surface hardness treatment
•Long lifespan, hard strength, high efficient, high safety factor and low failure rate
•Hooks could be attached onto the hoist without changing any hoist structure
•Suggest using at frequent overload operation environment to ensure users' safety
Capacity 0.5Ton-20Ton
Type Chain hoist
Condition New
Chain G80 load chain
Certification CE, GS
Color Orange or as required
Inner part detail Double pawl
Lifting chain surface treatment Blacken
Hand chain surface treatment Galvanized
Material Forged alloy steel
Lifting speed Depend on operator
Use Lifting Up/Down
Drive Mode Gear
Sling Type Chain
Application Tower cranes, single cranes, lifting platforms, small cranes
Operation Hand Operated
H.S. Code 84251900
Package Plywood box, wood case

CK chain blocks are the products of the advanced technology of the world in the form of HS-C hand chain blocks. In addition to the traditional features of the HS-C type chain hoists, CK type hand chain blocks have more small hand pull, high safety factor, elegant appearance, more suitable with thicker cover and stronger hooks, which is the best type in triangle type. CK chain blocks have high working efficiency and require low hand pulling force and the safety factor is 4:1.
CK chain blocks are most efficient manual chain hoists, which are very ideal for standard industrial duty, standby maintenance or in locations where electrical power is not available. CK chain blocks belong to triangular types, and have many names for type here such as HSZ-CK, HSZ-K, HS-V, HSZ-A620, all mean the same product. When lifting the weight by hand, pull the chain and sprocket by hand clockwise to rotate, and press the friction ratchet wheel and brake seat into one unit to rotate together. Then, the gear wheel, the short shaft of tooth and the spline hole gear are turned by the long shaft of tooth. In this way, the lifting chain wheel installed on the spline hole gear can drive the lifting chain and lift the weight smoothly. When descending, pull the chain counterclockwise. The brake seat is separated from the brake block, and the ratchet wheel is still under the action of the pawl. The hand pull gourd generally adopts the ratchet friction disc type one-way brake, which can brake by itself under the load, and the pawl meshes with the ratchet wheel under the action of the spring.
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