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Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Benchtop

Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Benchtop

by Asli (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
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Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Benchtop

Laborary Testing Instrument/Technical Parameters:
1.model:TH-800 C
2.Optional Accessories: Inner door with operation hole, Recorder, Water Purifier, Dehumidifier
3.Compressor: French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand
4.Analytic Accuracy/Distribution uniformity of temperature and humidity: 0.1 celsius degree; 0.1 percent R.H/ about 2.0 celsius degree ; about 3.0 percent R.H.
5.Cooling System: Wind cooling or water cooling/single segment compressor-40 celsius degree , double segment compressor -70 celsius degree
6.Control Accuracy of Temperature and Humidity: about 0.5 celsius degree ; about 2.5 percent R.H.
7.Power: AC380V 3 5 lines , 50/60HZ
8.Approx.Weight (Kg):400

Programmable Humidity Chamber/Application:
High Low Temperature Test Chamber is also called environment testing machine, used to test various types of materials for their tolerances of heat, cold, dry, humidity.

Environmental Chamber For Projector Test/Features:
1.Graceful appearance, circularly shaped body, surface treated with mist strips . Easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2.Rectangular double-paned viewing window for viewing sample under test, with interior light
3.The control unit has the functions of multiples segment program editing, with quick or ramp rates control of temperature and humidity.
4.Casters are provided for ease of mobility, with strong positioning screws.
5.Double-layer-insulated airtight doors, able to insulate the internal temperature effectively.

Warranty:one year freewarranty for whole set machine,lifelong time maintainance.
After-sale service:feedback within 2 hours after get the call.
Service:OEM service,Design service,Buyer lable service
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