Customised Mobile Water Well Drilling Rigs

Customised Mobile Water Well Drilling Rigs

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Customised Mobile Water Well Drilling Rigs , GK200 Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine

1.1 Engineering geological investigation of railways, hydropower, traffic, bridges, dam foundations and other buildings.
1.2 Geological core drilling, physical prospecting.
1.3 Small grout Confucius, drill hole drilling.
1.4 Small well drilling.

The GK-200 mobile drilling rig is a kind of widely used and hydraulic feeding drill, which has the characteristics of big power, great lifting force (2T) and high transmission torque. It can be used in engineering geological survey of railway, hydropower, transportation, bridge, foundation and other buildings, geological core drilling and physical exploration and so on.


Drilling Rig
Drilling diameter(mm) 75,91,110,130,150,300
Drilling depth (m) 200,150,100,70,50,30
Drill pipe diameter (mm) 42,50
Drilling angle(°) 90~75
Equipment size(L * B * H) 1730 * 860 * 1360 (mm)
Rig weight (except engine) 700
Mobile device
Moving length 350mm
Leave distance 300mm
Spindle speed (four gear) (r/min) 115,230,505,1010
Spindle travel(mm) 450
Spindle no-load lifting maximum moving speed(m/s) 0.05
Spindle no load drop maximum movement speed(m/s) 0.067
Spindle maximum feed pressure(KN) 15
Spindle maximum lifting force(KN) 25
Spindle maximum output torque(KN• m) 1.5
Winch assembly
Winch maximum lifting force (single rope) 20
Reel speed (r/min) 20,39,85,170
Reel circumferential speed(m/s) 0.172, 0.345, 0.738, 1.476
Reel diameter(mm) 140
Wire rope diameter(mm) 9.3
Wire rope density (m) 40
Brake diameter(mm) 278
Brake band width (mm) 50
Pump type Horizontal single cylinder double acting
Maximum displacement (motor)(L/min) 95 (77)
The maximum allowable pressure (Mpa) 1.2
Work pressure (Mpa) 0.7
Cylinder diameter (mm) 80
Piston stroke(mm) 100
Oil pump
Oil pump type YBC-20/125
Nominal pressure (Mpa) 12.5
Rated flow(ml/r) 20
Rated speed(r/min) 800-2500
Diesel engine or motor
Diesel engine 1110
Rated power (KW) 16.2
Rated speed (r/min) 2200
Rated pressure(Mpa) 12.5
Motor type Y160M - 4
Rated power (KW) 11
Rated speed (r/min) 1460
Customised Mobile Water Well Drilling Rigs

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