CVD Diamond Dresser

CVD Diamond Dresser

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diamond dresser for grinding wheel
diamond dressers are used for dressing specific forms into conventional abrasive grinding wheels require longer tool life.
Natural diamond have very high resistance while they could be easily broken and have unsteady tool life. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds (CVD) have steady tool life. Generally, the bigger radius of diamond can ensure longer tool life. However, the much bigger radius can get grinding wheel to be burned because it makes the grinding wheel's grit blunt.
Customers can choose diamond carat and materials dependent upon working conditions such as wheel size, wheel width, depth of cut, etc.
*Type: Single-point Diamond Dresser
*Material: Natural Diamond; Synthetic Diamond
*Is Customized: Yes, (The tools can be customized according to customer’s requirements)
*ODM & OEM Service: Accept
*MOQ: 5pcs; 10pcs; 100pcs all accept. 
Item No: Approx Carat Grinding Wheel Size (mm) Material
HS018 0.18 Ø150x25 or smaller Natural Diamond Synthetic Diamond
HS020 0.20
HS025 0.25
HS035 0.35 Ø150~Ø300x25
HS050 0.50
HS075 0.75
HS010 1.0 Ø300~Ø450x25~40
HS015 1.5 Ø450~Ø600x50~100
HS020 2.0 Ø600/or larger
HS030 3.0  
HS035 3.5-5
CVD Diamond Dresser

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