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DBY electric diaphragm pump

DBY electric diaphragm pump

by Kenshine Pump & Valve Mfg Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer | Call: 86-21-33592713
Warranty1 year
HTS code8413501090
CategoryTools & Hardware
Product groupPumps


DBY Series electric diaphragm pump
DBY Series electric diaphragm pump is used to substitute some centrifugal pump and screw pump in petrochemical and ceramic and metallurgy etc. It is suitable for low pressure conditions. Discharge pressure≤3kgf/cm2.
Materials of pump body: cast iron, aluminum alloy and stainless steel
Material of diaphragm: NBR, Neoprene,teflon(FEP/F46/PTFE)
1. Various toxin and flammable and volatile liquids
2. Various strong acid and strong alkali and strong corrosive liquids
3. Highest temperature of liquids is 150℃
4. It is used as the front-step transmission device of various filters
5. Circulation of hot water
6. Oil warehouse and oil truck,
7. Pickles, tomato slurry, chocolate etc
8. Paint, pigment, glue and adhesive etc
9. Various plastic ,milk slurry, organic solution, wad
10. Sewage and oil dirt.
11. Hops and sugar slurry etc
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