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Diamond Profile Dressing Rolls

Diamond Profile Dressing Rolls

More Super Hard Products Co., Ltd
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Diamond rotary dresser
diamond dressing roller grinding wheel for water pump bearing
Detail of roller dress grinding wheel
Diamond rotary dresser is a rotary body by powder metallurgy or is coated on the surface of a layer of consolidation diamond, and the diamond layer to form a desired Precision Truing of grinding wheel surface dressing tools.
With the rapid development of mechanical industry, some industries (such as automobile and its parts manufacturers) the constant pursuit of production scale, product standard which requires grinding processing of industrial products must be toward high efficiency, high accuracy and low cost development.
Diamond rotary dresser's applications become more and more widely under this kind of industrial requirement.
Corresponding to the traditional dressing, such as single point dressing, press dressing, diamond rotary dresser is showing more and more wide application prospect and field with above advantages.
Type of roller dress grinding wheel

A.negative electroplating method
Random distribution of negative electroplating method
Plant personally arrangement negative electroplating method
Regular distribution of negative electroplating method
B.External plating
Random distribution of external plating diamond
Powder metallurgy sintering process
Random distribution of sintered diamond
Plant personally impregnated sintering method
Sintered diamond regular distribution
Common diamond species
Natural diamond, CVD chemical vapor deposition diamond,Synthesis of microcrystalline diamond by SCD hydrostatic method,MCD- single crystal diamond
Diamond Profile Dressing Rolls

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