Diamond wheels for PCD circle saws

Diamond wheels for PCD circle saws

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Diamond wheels for PCD circle saws
Grinding Wheels For Woodworking Tools
Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for woodworking tools with high efficiency, durability, good sharpening, making workpiece a good flatness and roughness.

Alias: Type: 4A2, 4B2, 3A1, 14A1, 14F1
Application: woodworking tools

diamond and CBN grinding wheels for woodworking industry are mainly used for top, face and side grinding the circular saw blades and band saws made of tungsten carbide, high speed steel, cermet and PCD; processing woodwork drills and mills.

Diamond Wheels For Circular Saws ( Tungsten Carbide And Ceramet )
There parts grinding : face, top and side

Workpiece: carbide teeth

Bond: resin bond

Grinder: Vollmer, Woodtronic, Akemat, Widma and so on

Wheels for Top Grinding (circular saws) Wheels for Side Grinding (circular saws) Wheels for Face Grinding(circular saws)
6A2 diamond grinding wheel 6A2

6A9 diamond grinding wheel6A9

1A1 diamond grinding wheel1A1

3A1 diamond grinding wheel3A1

12V2 diamond grinding wheel12V2

4A2 diamond grinding wheel 4A2

Super abrasive wheels for profile grinding, PCD circle saw, cold saw

Wheels for profile grinding

Type: 14A1, 14F1

Workpiece: carbide teeth

Grinder: profile grinders

Grit: 120#,240#,320#,500#......

Diamond wheels for PCD circle saws

3A1 diamond wheel for grinding two sides

12A2 diamond wheel for grinding top

Bond : vitrified bond. Abrasive: diamond

Grinder: Vollmer

CBN wheels for cold saw

Type: 14F1, 14A1

Specification: D150mm, D200mm;Rim depth: 5-10mm; Thickness: 0.3-4mm

Application: fluting and face grinding for HSS saws and cold saws.

14A1 diamond grinding wheel 14F1 3A1 diamond grinding wheel12A2 diamond grinding wheel12A2 14A1 diamond grinding wheel14A1
( * Note: we can design and produce grinding wheels of specification according to the customers’ requirement. )

Meanwhile, More Superhard Products Co,.Ltd also supplies CBN Grinding Wheel For Band Saw Blades; Diamond saw blades ; D4A2-1 resin diamond wheel for narrower gullets saw.
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