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Different Size Polished Ground Carbide Rod

Different Size Polished Ground Carbide Rod

by Hunan Tianyi high-tech Material Co., Ltd.
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Description And Application:

Tungsten carbide round rod is mainly applied in making drills, end mills and reamers. And it is also used for cutting, punching and measuring tools. It is used in the industries of paper making, package, printing, non-ferrous metal processing. Also, it is widely used processed as HSS cutting tool, carbide end mills, carbide cutting tool, NAS Cutting tool, Aerospace cutting tool, carbide drill, milling cutter core drill, high speed steel, taperd end mills, metric end mills, miniature end mills, pilot reamer, electronics cutter, step drill, double margin drill, metal cutting saw, gun barrel, angle milling cutter, carbide burrs, carbide tipped cutter etc.

Features of tungsten carbide rods:
1.With strict tolerance extent control
2.Enjoy excellent wear resistance & high toughness
3.Have very good thermal & chemical stability
4.Anti-deformation & deflection
5.A special Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) process provides quality improvement to the finished products to ensure meterial reliability. Welcome your enquiries. Also we can send you some samples for your testing.

Tungsten Carbide Rods Series:
>> Blank Carbide rod;
>> Polished Carbide Rod;
>> Coated Carbide Rod;
>> Carbide Rod with holes;
>> Carbide rod with 30 degree helex holes.
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