Disposable Caesarean Surgical Pack

Disposable Caesarean Surgical Pack

by Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
China | Manufacturer | Call: 17755688335
CategoryHealth & Medical
Product groupSurgical Operating Kit
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1. Scope of Application: Used for one-time protection during the surgery conducted by the department of a medical therapy unit.
2. Supports customization according to the customer's drawings and requirements.
Fitting Name Size Quantity Material
Hand Towel 30cm*40cm
2 45g Spunlace
Medium Drape 160cm*200cm 1 SMS
Utility drapes with tape 50cm*60cm 4 SMS
Reinforced Surgical Gown L(125cm*145) 2
SMS+ Laminating
nonwoven fabrics
X-ray Gauze 10cm*10cm 10 Cotton
Reinforced mayo stand cover 75cm*145cm 1 PP+PE
Baby blanket 75cm*90cm 1 65g Spunlace
Dressing Cup 100ml 1 PP
Clip / 1 /
Kidney Basin Blue 1 PP
Cesarean drape with
fluid collection pouch
259cm*307cm*198cm 1 SMS+105g Tri-layer
Back Table Cover 145cm*190cm 1 PSB+PE

(1) Medium Drape: Effectively blocks liquid and bacterial penetration and prevents cross infection when covering the patient.
(2) Ulitity Drape: Absorbs liquid and can be replaced in time.
(3) Surgcial Gown: Features high protectiveness, which can prevent the penetration of blood, grease, and alcohol.
(4) Baby Drape: Soft, comfortable, warm and absorbent, used to wrap new-born babies.
(5) Gauze Pad/Sponge: Stop bleeding, press and absorb fluid during surgery.
(6) Kidney Basin: Proportion of disinfectant
(7) Surgical Drape with Pouch: Reveals the surgical field of view and effectively blocks liquid and bacteria when covering an aseptic surgical area.
(8) Back Table Drape: Parcels the accessories in an operating instrument set, or functions as a table cloth on which the apparatus is arranged when taken out from an operating instrument set.
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