Disposable Delivery Surgical Pack

Disposable Delivery Surgical Pack

by Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co.,Ltd
China | Manufacturer
CategoryHealth & Medical
Product groupSurgical Operating Kit
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Delivery Procedure Pack Features:
Quality products grouped for convenience and cost-effectiveness.
All procedure packs are 100% Latex free.
Standard procedure packs are stock items which are ready for shipment when
Procedure specific key sheets are included in each pack.
Each set has the same high quality standards as custom trays.
Each set configuration is nurse-reviewed for clinical accuracy.
All supplies needed for a vaginal delivery.
Saves vital time for quick set-up.
Latex free to minimize reactions in patients and clinicians.
Packaged sterile for clinical convenience.
Sold as a case of 10 kits.
Fitting Name Size Quantity Material
Hand towel 30cm*40cm 2 45g Spunlace
Back Table Cover 145cm*190cm 1 PSB+PE
Utility drape with tape 60cm*60cm 4 SMS
Baby blanket 75cm*90cm 1 65g Spunlace
Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover 80cm*145cm 1 SMS+PP
Op-Tape 10cm*50cm 1 SMS
Leggings 75cm*120cm 2 SMS
X-ray Gauze 10cm*10cm 10 Cotton
Side drape 75cm*90cm 1 SMS
Under buttocks drape with pouch 102cm*112cm 1 SMS+PE
Umbilical Cord Clip Blue 1 SMS+105g Tri-layer
Reinforced surgical gown L(125cm*145cm) 1
SMS+ Laminating
nonwoven fabrics

(1) Medium Drape: Effectively blocks liquid and bacterial penetration and prevents cross infection when covering the patient.
(2) Ulitity Drape: Absorbs liquid and can be replaced in time.
(3) Baby Drape: Soft, comfortable, warm and absorbent, used to wrap new-born babies.
(4) Reinforced mayo stand cover: Used on the instrument tray, or as a chair cover or a bag for postoperative medical waste.
(5) Op-tape: Fixing and sealing, such as fixing the ducts and drapes
(6) Legging: Used for aseptic isolation of lower limbs, play a role in protecting and keeping warm.
(7) Gauze Sponge: Stop bleeding, press and absorb fluid during surgery.
(8) Under Buttocks Drape: Padding under the pregnant woman to avoid contaminating the bed with amniotic fluid or other fluid during the productive process.
(9) Umbilical Cord Clip: Used for ligation of umbilical cord in newborn infants .
(10) Surgical Gown: Features high protectiveness, which can prevent the penetration of blood, grease, and alcohol.
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