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DOT Type III Heavy Duty Silt Curtain

DOT Type III Heavy Duty Silt Curtain

Zhejiang Jianzhong Maritime Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product groupOther Environmental Products
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Product Description
Silt Curtains are specifically designed to contain and control the dispersion of suspended solids in the water column during pile driving, site work, dredging, bank re-profiling, quarrying or marine construction, significantly reducing stress on the aquatic environment when deployed.

By confining turbidity Silt Curtains improve localised settling times of suspended solids in a defined area thus impacting less on the immediate & surrounding aquatic habitat. They are flexible vertical floating installations which extend downward from the water surface to a specified water depth, which is usually tight to the bed; the curtain is maintained in a vertical position by closed cell floats at the top and a ballast chain along the bottom to anchor it. In some instances additional anchorage will be required.

Type 3 Silt Curtain Should be used in areas where considerable current (up to 3 knots or 5 feet per second) may be present, where tidal action may be present, and/or where the curtain is potentially subject to wind and wave action. Floating Silt Barriers are used to control and contain silt and sediment within an immediate work area thereby preventing anything from floating outside of the dredging area and affecting marine life. Floating Silt Barriers protect our waters and environment.

Product Type:
Type III DOT Heavy Duty Silt Curtain

Main Material:
PVC and Geotextile

Customized Design

As Requested

Control of sediment and run off from marine construction sites;

Recommended Application
Harbors/Shoreline/Ports/Offshore. Faster current and/or greater wind and wave action.

Panel Length
20 Meters

As Requesred
DOT Type III Heavy Duty Silt Curtain

Company information

Zhejiang Jianzhong Maritime Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
No.302 Jingfa Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, 314501, China
Phone: 8613819027011
Year established
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