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Exports 99.9% pure chlorine gases from China

Exports 99.9% pure chlorine gases from China

by Zibo Dijia Special Gas Co., Ltd.
China | Manufacturer
FOB price1 - 19 Kilograms
20 - 49 Kilograms
>=50 Kilograms
Min. order1set
Payment termst/t l/c
Brand nameDijia
UsageIndustrial Grade
Lead time20-40days


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CAS No.:
Other Names:
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
Grade Standard:
Industrial Grade
Industry Use
Brand Name:
UN No:
Packaging & Delivery
Lead Time :
Quantity(Kilograms) 1 - 1 >1
Est. Time(days) 1 To be negotiated
Product name: chlorine Cl2

High purity chlorine

Other names: high purity chlorine gas

Molecular formula: Cl2

CAS No. 7782-50-5

Product purity: 99.999%

Packing instruction: 47LDOT cylinder, 50kg/ bottle, CGA660 valve

Chlorine gas yellowish green gas with pungent odor.Liquid chlorine is an amber liquid under high pressure or freezing conditions.Chlorine gas is mainly used in the manufacture of organic and inorganic chlorides, pesticides, solvents, disinfectants, bleach, detergents, glycerine, plastics, spices, etc.Pesticides.Pharmaceuticals, smelting, rubber, dry cutting, optical fiber, crystal growth, thermal oxidation, standard gas, calibration gas.High purity chlorine gas is mainly used in electronics and semiconductor industry.

The production plant of high-purity chlorine gas products was put into production in 2013. The purity of 5.0n products was more than 99.999%, and the total impurity content was less than 5ppm. The purity of 5.5n products was more than 99.9995%, and the total impurity content was less than 3ppm.Main applications: large scale integrated circuit, optical fiber, LED, LCD, electronic industry, high temperature superconductor, aluminum processing and other technical fields.

Physical and chemical properties of chlorine gas: chlorine gas is yellowish green gas under normal temperature and pressure, which can be liquefied into golden liquid chlorine after compression.Chlorine is dangerous when mixed with more than 5% hydrogen.Chlorine gas is toxic, mainly through the respiratory tract into the human body and dissolved in the mucous membrane containing water, will cause damage to the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane.Chlorine can be substituted or added with organic and inorganic substances to form various chlorides.

Precautions for chlorine gas:

Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and rinse immediately with water for at least 15 minutes.If there are burns, treat them with acid burns.

Eye contact: lift eyelids immediately and rinse with running water or saline for at least 15 minutes.

Inhalation: quickly remove from site to fresh air.Keep respiratory tract open.Oxygen is given when breathing becomes difficult.Give 2 ~ 4% sodium bicarbonate solution atomized inhalation.Go to a doctor.

Ingestion: seek medical advice immediately

Engineering control: tightly sealed to provide adequate local and overall exhaust air.

Respiratory protection: wear a gas mask when the concentration in the air exceeds the limit.When emergency rescue or escape, it is recommended to wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus.

Eye protection: wear chemical safety glasses.

Protective clothing: wear appropriate protective clothing.

Hand protection: wear chemical-resistant gloves.

Precautions: in case of chlorine gas leakage, the personnel in the leaking contaminated area should be evacuated to the upper wind and isolated until the gas is exhausted. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus and wear chemical protective suits recommended by the manufacturer (completely isolated).Avoid contact with acetylene, turpentine, ammonia and other substances.Cut off the air source, dilute and dissolve the spray water, and then pump (indoor) or strongly ventilate (outdoor).If possible, pipe the spill to the reducing agent solution (sodium acid sulfate or sodium acid carbonate).Leaky cylinders can also be placed in lime emulsion.The leaky container can no longer be used and must be treated to remove any gas that may be left.

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