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Faroad Low Cost Lead Free 8 Zones Reflow Oven

Faroad Low Cost Lead Free 8 Zones Reflow Oven

Shenzhen Faroad Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Product groupReflow Solder
Bikudo Id839707


Model LY-8800 II
Heating System Number of heating zones UP 8/BOTTOM8
Length of heating zones 2900MM
Heating mode hot air
Cooling Mode Force air
Cooling zones Up 2 bottom 2

Conveyor System Max. Width of PCB 350mm
Mesh belt width 400mm
Transmission Direction L→R(or R→L)
Transmission Net Height 880±20mm
Transmission type Mesh and chain
Range of rail width 0-300mm
Conveyor speed 0-1500mm/min
Auto/manual Lubrication standard
Upper hood method Manual(option:auto)
Fixed rail side Front rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)
Components high Top and bottom 25mm

Control system Power supply 5wires 3phase 380V 50/60Hz
Starting power 38KW
Normal power consumption 6~8KW
Warming time About 20 mins
Temp. setting range Room temperature-300℃
Temp. control method PLC & PC
Temp. control precision ±1℃
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2℃
Data storage Process Data and status storage(80GB)
Nozzle plate Aluminum Alloy Plate
Abnormal Alarm Abnormal temp.
(extra-high/extra-low temp.)
Board dropped alarm Tower light: Yellow-warming,
Green-normal, Red-abnormal

Dimension(L*W*H) 5300×1300×1500mm
Weight 1200KG
Color Computer gray

The brand computer and Siemens PLC intelligent control system, high precision temperature control is ± 1-2 ℃ (if the computer crash accidently, it can realize off-line work, do not affect production) and to ensure that the control system is stable and reliable.

Device is equipped with mesh belt, transport smoothly, no shaking and no deformation, which ensures smooth PCB transport. Synchronous guide transmission mechanism and automatic SMT machine online connection ensure the adjusting of guide width more accuracy.
Automatic lubrication system for transmission chain.

With leakage protector, ensures that the operating personnel and control system security.
Each heating zone is equipped with an independent air switch to ensure the safety of users.

Nitrogen with machine is optional.
Flux Collection is optional.
Faroad Low Cost Lead Free 8 Zones Reflow Oven

Company information

Shenzhen Faroad Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
52# Huangpu Road, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518000, China
Phone: +86 13692233075
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