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FBK Chemical resistant centrifugal slurry pump with semi open impeller

FBK Chemical resistant centrifugal slurry pump with semi open impeller

Kenshine Pump & Valve Mfg Co., Ltd
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AFB centrifugal pump is a kind of single stage single suction cantilever corrosion resistant centrifugal pump which is improved on the basis of F type corrosion resistant pump. The pump is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304, 316L etc materials. FB, AFB centrifugal pump is used for conveying corrosive liquid without solid particles or a small amount of impurities. The liquid temperature is -20 to 130 degree Celsius and the inlet pressure is not more than 0.2mpa.
AFSM Series centrifugal pump is made of ZSM material. AFSM centrifugal pump can transport various highly corrosive liquids containing solid particles, and the medium temperature is -20 to 500 degree Celsius. The sealing material adopts high temperature resistant carbon graphite packing. AFSM centrifugal pump can be widely used in mineral processing, smelting, grease chemical industry, sewage and other strong corrosion, high temperature, impact and other occasions.
FBK wear resisting and corrosion resisting alloy steel pump , duplex stainless steel pump ,corrosion resisting slurry pump. The pump is developed and is made of duplex stainless steel material and dynamic auxiliary impeller seal and front and rear door structure. FBK Centrifugal pump is a horizontal metal acid alkali resisting heavy duty slurry cantilever pump. FBK Centrifugal pump is developed on the base of AFB,FB series chemical centrifugal pump. FBK centrifugal pump performance range includes all the performance of F series chemical pump and improves the specifications and performance of the mining requirements. The application of new type duplex alloy steel is added to the material of the pump. The sealing performance is considered comprehensively according to the characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The overall structure is designed with thickening and aggravating. It effectively extends the wide flow passage of AFB series pump with not clogging and improves its wear resistance. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of mines that need corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
FBK centrifugal pump is Suitable for conveying gas liquid two phase fluids and liquid with high concentration of solid particles (up to 40%), low temperature or high temperature, neutral or corrosive.
FBK centrifugal pump is Widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power plant, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other departments. FBK centrifugal pump is Used to transfer corrosive liquids with temperature from 20 to 280 degree Celsius and have good wear resisting corrosion resistance. FBK centrifugal pump is specially suitable to pump strong corrosive, strong abrasion, and a variety of special liquid containing solid material impurities.(such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, caustic soda, hot oil, pulp, slag pulp, paper pulp, pulp, pulp, desulfurization gypsum lime pulp, chemical sewage, sludge and other two phase fluids. Wet sulfuric acid, bentonite industry, abrasive and abrasive tool industry, gypsum slurry in desulfurization process in the field of environmental protection and slag slurry transportation in worse working conditions in aluminum plant; Zinc, nickel, silver, manganese, acid hydrolysis, electrolysis and other metallurgical chemical industry. Solid - containing liquid conveying and plate - frame filter press.
FBK Chemical resistant centrifugal slurry pump with semi open impeller

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