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Full Stainless Steel Large Capacity Medical Refrigerator

Full Stainless Steel Large Capacity Medical Refrigerator

by Zhengzhou Hepo International Trading Co.,Ltd
China | Manufacturer | Call: 86-371-55022581
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Product groupLaboratory Refrigeration Equipments
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It using selected famous brand compressor to have better effect freezing.Micro computer control system,digital display,temperature can be controlled from 2 ℃ to 8 ℃ degree or 2 ℃ to 10 ℃ degree or 0 ℃ to 8 ℃ accordingly.It can be widely used for medicine,pharmacy,vaccine,biological products,etc storage by hospitals, drugstore, pharmaceutical factories, sanitation and antiepidemic stations and clinics.

Precise Temperature Control
1. Microprocessor-based temperature control system; Combined with two exact sensors and one sensor to defrost. Automatically turn on the compensatory heater based on the temperature change. A stable and accurate chamber temperature can be maintained at ambient temperature ranging from 0ºC to 32ºC;
2. Forced air circulation system with Intelligent control ensures excellent temperature uniformity;
3. Automatic temperature control: Digital display of temperature. The temperature range from 2 to 8ºC can be set freely, controlling precision 1ºC, display accuracy 0.1ºC;
4. Perfect alarm system, which provide numerous audible/visual alarm functions in case of high or low temperature condition, sensor failure, door ajar, power failure and emergency battery to ensure the safety of storage;
5,Emergency battery can support alarms for 8hours after power off.

Refrigeration System
1. Germany or Italy famous brand compressor, high efficiency, silence and energy saving;
2. Germany highly effective condenser and expansile evaporator provide quick freezing;
3,Multiple air flow designing inside the cabinet to assure the quickly and uniformity of the temperature;
4,New environment friendly gland strip and thickness thermal raw materials to keep the thermal;
5,Auto defrost function;
6,CFC free.

Human Friendly Designing
1.Bouth inner and outer structure are full 304 stainless steel sheet.
2.Three layer glass door, inert gas inside, equipped with safety lock, with electrical heatting film inside to prevent condensation water.
3. Interior fluorescent lighting provides a clear view of stored items;
4. Shelves made of equality steel wire soaked with plastic,adjustable.Stainless steel shelves are optional;
5. Four casters or more are mounted under the bottom;
6. Power source can be 187v to 242v,50HZ or 60HZ(Optional).

Main Technical Parameters



2~8 ℃








2~8 ℃






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