HBJ-S Pipe Welding Positioner

HBJ-S Pipe Welding Positioner

by Wuxi OLIVET Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
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HBJ-S Pipe Welding Positioner
Hot sale Pipe Welding Positioner, cnc positioner, pipe positioner in China. Olivet has a comprehensive range of positioner for pipes, flange welding.
Pipe Welding Positioner - HBJ- S Series

Pratical and Versatile
Olivet has a comprehensive range of positioner for automatic welding. These very versatile handling tools enable welding to be carried out in the optimum positions to benefit the quality of the work. Olivet's HBJ-S Series light duty welding positioners are with capacities ranging for 100 to 300kgs.
Single base positioner, Heavy Duty Positioner, Elevating Positioner hot sale
l  For annular welding, cutting, polishing and assembly.
l  Easy to set up a small welding center equipped with quick chuck, torch holder and roller supports.
l  DC infinitely variable speed control system..
l  Time relay is equipped for auto welding.
l  Kinds of extended devices, torch holder and pneumatic cone for choose.
l  High frequency protection on electric box.
l  Compact and robust design, easy to operate.

Scope of Delivery
A.  1 Body
B.  1 electric box & 1 control foot switch
Main Technical Parameters 

Model Horizontal load Vertical Load Rotation speed Tilting range Table dia. Table center hole
HBJ-S100 100kg 50kg 0.5-5    rpm 0 º -90 º/ manual 400 mm 45mm
HBJ-S200 200kg 100kg 0.5-5    rpm 0 º -90 º/ manual 400mm 45mm
HBJ-S300 300kg 150kg 0.2-2.5    rpm 0 º -90 º/ manual 500mm 90mm
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