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Helical Dead End Clamps for Short Span ADSS Cable

Helical Dead End Clamps for Short Span ADSS Cable

by Donzon Power Co., Ltd.
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A. Connecting with pole tower by splicing fittings such as thimble ,the outer stranded wires mainly bear line load.
B. As force transmission units,the inner stranded wires can Partially protect ADSS cable,the main functions include:
(1) Effectively deliver vertical pressing force to aramid fiber, the tension force bear unit of cable,as to protect cable sheath from damaging for overstress.
(2) Deliver axial tension force.
(3) Larger contact area with cable,even stress distribution,no stress concentration point.
C. In the premise of less than ADSS cable side pressure, it has some grip strength, can bear a certain amount of tension.
D.The guy grip strength for ADSS is 100% of cable ultimate tensile strength (UTS),which completely accords with optical cable erection need.
E.To meet the needs of setting up ADSS cable in 10KV city network's distribution line,we produce tension clamp of 15kN grip strength, which has advantages of simple structure,easy installation and low cost.
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Preformed guy grip is used in the installation of the exposed conductor also used in electric network transmission and distribution and overhead insulated conductor. The reliability and economic advantage is better than the present bolt type and hydraulic compression type Tension Set which now is being widely used in the line.The structure of the Preformed Tension Set is simple , and the pipe structure formed by the two legs of the preformed line would enlace the conductor naturely and would produce a great holding strength. The novel structure and exact design all contribute to the reliability of the conductor tension set.The set is usually made of concentric-lay-stranded Aluminium-clad steel conductors ,galvanized iron wire strands and other materials.

2.Competitive Advantage: 
1) The preformed guy grip is able to endure the high intension and grip strength. The grip strength of clamp is not less than 100% CUTS.
2) The preformed guy grip distributing the stress uniformity, improved ability of aseismatic without any damage on con

ductor..So that extended the using life of the conductor.
3) It bears the excellence of easy installation and construction, Shorted the working time. Operated this clamp by one person and need the special tool.
4) Easy to guarantee the quality of installation, inspectioned by optic view without special trainning.
5) Prefect corrosion resistance; The same material with conductor promiss that the clamp owned excellent ability of electrochemistry corrosion resistance

We provide Preformed Cable Fitting such as down lead clamp, PVC Helical vibration damper , armor grips, ADSS/OPGW tension string and suspension clamp.
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