HF( RF) Timber Drying Kiln Machine

HF( RF) Timber Drying Kiln Machine

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HF( RF) Timber Drying Kiln Machine

1) PLC automatic control with touch screen interface. Fault self-check system.


3) Fast drying cycle: High frequency dielectric heating. Drying wood more than ten times faster and more uniformly than traditional kiln.

4) Vacuum minus pressure drying. Much safer for wood. There is no wood crack, color change problems.

5) With hydraulic system and press. During the drying process, hydraulic system will give pressure on wood. After drying, wood will not bend.

6) Integrated design of cooling system. Save floor area and more humanized.

7) Humanized and safe design on tank door and feeding cart. It doesn't need additional rail outside and easy to load wood, open and close tank door.

8) Advanced temperature inspection system. Test the wood temperature correctly and will not disturbed by High frequency.

9) Advanced Wood weight measurement system. It can test the wood weight at any time. Then can show the wood moisture at present.

10) Worm and bacteria killing.

11) Do not need boiler. No pollution.

12) Schneider, Omron, Siemens etc European spare parts: International standard, good quality and easy to replace
Our engineers can provide overseas installtion, training and are available to provide after-sell service and maintenance. We recommend proper training for safe and prolonged use of the machinery.

Product Application

High frequency is also called Radio frequency, it applies heating with high frequency. It can penetrate wood deeply and dry the wood moisture from core to the surface uniformly. It also equips vacuum together. The drying effects is much better. It is suitable for all kinds of wood, especially for large wood beams, hard wood, rare wood as well as veneers drying. HF Vacuum Wood Drying Machine is many times faster than traditional kiln dryers.

Model GGZ-3-DT GGZ-4.5-DT GGT-6-DT GGT-10-DT
Effective Wood Capacity
Engine 3000*1000*1000 4500*1000*1000 6000*1000*1000 6000*1300*1300
Output Power 30KW 30KW 50KW 80KW
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