High-Speed Straightening And Cutting Machine

High-Speed Straightening And Cutting Machine

Available from Qingdao Dongfeihong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Warranty1 year
Product groupMetal Straightening Machinery
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The CNC rebar Straightening&Cutting Machine is used for straightening,fixing length, and cutting steel wire rods into straight bars automatically and continuously, which is suitable for automatic processing of straight bars in construction projects. The equipment is suitable for straightening and cutting round steel wire , deformed steel bars and other all kinds of wire bars.

1. Adopting microcomputer control, automatically straightening and hydraulic cutting the steel bar (round steel &screw steel).
2. Fool-type operating system, easy to operate.
3. Electronic digital ruler, without mechanical ruler.
4. Small area occupation, moderate weight and it can be convenient to remove and pack.
5. Multi-batch simultaneous input length and quantity, computer storage memory, efficient and convenient.
6. Smooth operation, failure rate and easy maintenance.
7. Adopting taper coordination, the feeding cylinder does not rebound. With dual supports bearing counting frame, the meter is more accurate, the error is less than 5mm.
High-Speed Straightening And Cutting Machine

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