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High Temperature Nitrogen Oven

High Temperature Nitrogen Oven

by Asli (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
China | Manufacturer
Warranty1 year
CategoryTools & Hardware
Product groupTesting Equipment


High Temperature Nitrogen Oven

Nitrogen High Temperature Oven is used in the electronics industry, electrical, communications, hardware, chemical, sports equipment, printing, pharmaceuticals, footwear, automotive spare parts and other industrial for baking, drying, preheating and tempering, aging purposes.

1. Microprocessor temperature controller
2. Rapid sterilization time
3. Forced air convection
4. Auto stop when temperature over limit
5. Air inlet adjustment & timing control, the device is equipped with imported nitrogen flow meter, and with a quick plug nitrogen filling interface, convenient nitrogen filling and control the nitrogen flow.

Technical Parameters:
1. Model
RHD - 45
RHD - 60
RHD - 90
RHD - 120
2. Inner Dimension
W×H×D (mm )
3. Outer Dimension
W×H×D (mm )
850× 1600×700
1200× 1680×900
4. Inner and Outer Material
Material of the inner box is SUS 304# stainless steel,of the outer box is stainless steel or SEE cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
5. Temperature Range
RT~200℃, (300℃~500℃ is special optional)
6. Analytic Accuracy / Distribution Uniformity of Temperature
0.1℃/ ±2.0℃;(When temperature is 100℃)
7. Control Accuracy of Temperature: ±0.5℃;
8. Temperature Rising Speed Rate
Temperature rising speed rate: RT~200℃; Approx. 35mins
10. Control Method
Micro PID+SSR+Timer
Nitrogen Device
Nitrogen in-out interface and pressure relief valve on the back of equipment,
11. Storage Shelf
Two layers
Observation Glass Window
12. When temperature is RT-200℃ ,with observation glass widow When temperature is 200℃-500℃ ,without observation glass widow
13. Power: AC 220V , 1∮ 3 Lines, 50/60HZ ; AC380V ,3∮ 5 Lines, 50/60HZ
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